Beyond The Stars 2019

Beyond The Stars 2019 "All Star Performers"

VIP Baton Rouge regional 2019

VIP 2019 IDOL Soloists

The Dance Pointe & Company 2019 (LEAP Baton Rouge)

Mallory Bonaventure - Miss LEAP Baton Rouge

Rainbow Dance Competition 2018 - Baton Rouge

Cara Lemoine - Rainbow Petite Dancer of the Year BR 2018
Madeline Lorio - Rainbow Teen Dancer of the Year BR 2018

2018 VIP New Orleans

2018 VIP New Orleans Idol Soloists

Masquerade Baton Rouge Top Elite Studio 2018

Cara Lemoine - Ms Petite Masquerade Baton Rouge 2018

Baton Rouge Parade Of Stars 2018

8 Dance Competition 2018 Houston

Showbiz Competition 2018 Baton Rouge

Icon Winners Showbiz 2018

Masquerade Nationals 2017 - Fort Walton Beach, FL

TOP ELITE STUDIO Masquerade Baton Rouge 2017, Jr & Sr Best of Show Winners, Encore Winner, IDA Best Contemporary/Lyrical and Best Open

Miss Masquerade Baton Rouge 2017- Madilyn Cashio

Masquerade Baton Rouge 2017 Parade of Stars

Miss NYLA Biloxi- Madilyn Cashio, Miss Teen NYLA Biloxi- Madeline Lorio, Miss Junior NYLA Biloxi- Myla Steib, Miss Petite NYLA Biloxi- Cara Lemoine

NYLA Biloxi 2017

Masquerade Mobile 2017
Tied Top Studio, Jr Best Of Show, Sr Encore, 1st overalls, special Judges choice, IDA Best Contemporary & Open

Masquerade Mobile 2017 Parade of Stars

Miss Masquerade Mobile 2017- Madilyn Cashio

Masquerade Mobile 2017 Steven Boyd Winner- Tayla Anderson

BreakEven- 5th overall Masquerade National Winner 2016 & Teen Division Dance Off

Fierce Chicks- 2nd overall Masquerade Nationals 2016 Winners & Petite Division Dance Off

2016 Masquerade Junior National Encore Winner- Fiercely Feminine

2016 Masquerade Nationals Parade of Stars

Tayla Anderson - Miss Petite Platinum Lafayette 2016

Masquerade Baton Rouge 2016 - Encore Award, numerous overall winnings, Industry Dance Awards Nomination, audience choice, special judges' awards

Miss Masquerade Baton Rouge 2016 - Ms. Madilyn Cashio

2016 Baton Rouge Masquerade's Parade of Stars

2016 Masquerade Mobile - Encore, Numerous 1st overalls, Judges' Choice Awards, Choreography Award, Industry Dance Nomination

2016 Masquerade Mobile Parade of Stars

Unmasked Masquerade Dance Convention - Houston 2015

Trinity Christopher - scholarship in Tap Madeline Lorio - scholarship in Hip Hop Unmasked Masquerade Dance Convention Houston 2015

Marilyn Cashio- scholarship in Jazz & Musical Theater Unmaksed Masquerade Dance Convention Houston 2015

Congratulations to Trinity Christopher - Senior Dancer Of the Year Houston Madeline Lorio - 2nd place Teen Dancer Of the Year Houston Mallory Bonaventure - 3rd place Teen Dancer Of the Year Houston

1st overall junior elite duo/trio champs "Opposites Alike"(masquerade nationals 2015)

Senior Int Duo/Trio champs "Undone" (masquerade nationals 2015)

Masquerade Nationals 2015 parade of stars performers

Many overalls, judges choice awards, encore, championship dance off (masquerade nationals 2015)

Masquerade Nationals 2015 "Parent Invasion"

Miss Junior National Masquerade Title Winner - Miss Madeline Lorio

Miss Ali Guidroz- Miss Petite BravO Memphis 2015

BravO Competition (Memphis, TN)
Standing Ovation, BravO Highest Point Award, Specials, Choreography, Numerous Overalls

Revolution Competition (Baton Rouge)
February 6-8, 2015
World Dance Championships Invitation, numerous high-point overall winnings, Choreography Award

Revolution Power Pak Scholarshp Recipients
Madilyn Cashio, Marley Broussard, Madeline Lorio

Masquerade Competiton (Mobile)
Jan 30-Feb 1
Senior Encore winner, Industry Dance Awards, Audience Choie, Judges' Choice, Numerous Hi-point ovearall winnings

Masquerade Mobile Parade of Stars 2015
Mallory Bonaventure, Trinity Christopher, Madilyn Cashio, Madeline Lorio

Star Systems Competition (Baton Rouge)
March 21-23, 2014
Numerous high-point overall winnings, trophy cost donated to St. Jude, Hayden Jarreau - 1st runner up for Miss Star Systems, Madeline Lorio - 2nd runner up for Miss Junior Star Systems

Masquerade Competition (Baton Rouge)
February 21-23, 2014
Junior Encore Winner, Junior Best Of Show, Both Elite Choreography Awards, Judges Choice Awards, 1st overall in Junior Large Group, Junior Small Group, Senior Duo/Trio, and Jr and Sr Solo divisions. Parade of Stars: Madeline Lorio, Mallory Bonaventure, Emily Benedict, Hayden Jarreau, Trinity Christopher

Masquerade Title winners
Hayden Jarreau - Miss Masquerade Baton Rouge 2014
Madeline Lorio - Junior Miss Masquerade Baton Rouge 2014

Dance Magic Competition: Jan 25, 2014
Solo Choreography Award, Small Group Chreography Award, Top Hot Award (highest score of entire competition) Miss Teen Dance Magic - Trinity Christopher, Miss Dance Magic - Hayden Jarreau, numerous overalls and high point awards

Prom Night getting ready for their stage debut!

Prom Night Parents having a blast!

2013 Masquerade National Finals - Fort Walton Beach, FL

Dance U.S.A., Chalmette, 2013

Broadway Dance Center Scholarship Recipients

Dance U.S.A National Team Members

Rainbow Dance Competition, Baton Rouge 2013

Emily Benedict - KAR Convention Scholarship Recipient

BravO! Dance Competition

Miss Junior BravO! Baton Rouge

Masquerade (Baton Rouge) March 9-10, 2013
Elite Top Studio, FDC Judges' Choice, Jr. and Sr. Elite Best of Show, Jr and Sr. Elite Choreography awards, Outstanding Jazz (W.O.M.A.N) and Open (Remember To Forget) KAR TV Award, 1st overall Petite solo, Jr. Large Group, Sr. Duo/Trio, Teen Small Group, 5 Audience Choice Awards for favorite Jr Solo, Lyrical Group, Hip Hop Group, Encore Routine, Open Routine, special judges awards, Miss Masquerade, Miss Teen Masquerade, Sr. Steven Boyd Memorial Recipient

Miss Masquerade Baton Rouge 2013- Emily Benedict, Miss Teen Masquerade Baton Rouge 2013 - Madilyn Cashio

Sr. Steven Boyd Memorial Recipient - Trinity Christopher

Dancers Inc. (Baton Rouge) March 1-2, 2013
1st overall Jr Large Group, Teen solo, Teen Duo/Trio, Teen Small Group, Sr. Solo, ENCORE Award, Choreography Award, Studio Spirit Award, Specials Judges' Choice Awards

Dancers Inc. Scholarship Recipients
Trinity Christopher - complimentary conventions and solo, Emily Benedict & Morgan Foster - complimentary convention

Feb 8-9, 2013: Masquerade Regional Memphis, TN
FDC Judges Choice, 1st,4th, 7th overall Junior soloists, 3rd overall Petite soloist, 8th overall Teen soloist, 4th, 5th, 6th overall Senior soloists, 3rd overall Large group, 3rd & 2nd overall Small group, 3rd & 2nd overall Sr duo/trio, KAR TV Show award for best Jazz group, Audience Choice awards for: favorite Lyrical group "By Your Side," Teen Soloist "Madilyn Cashio," and Senior Soloist "Emily Benedict" along with Several Judges Specialty Awards

Masquerade's Memphis Regional Parade of Stars 2013
Top: Madilyn Cashio, Trinity Christopher, Emily Benedict, Hayden Jarreau
Bottom: Mallory Bonaventure, Madison Armand, Madeline Lorio, Taylor Bonaventure

Ms. Junior Masquerade Memphis 2013- Madeline Lorio

2013 Hollywood Vibe Competition (Baton Rouge)
1st overall Hip Hop group, Most Entertaining Act, Battle of the Stars, 1st overall Jr. soloist, 1st place Jr. Lyrical solo, 1st place Jr. Musical Theater solo, 2nd overall Sr. duo/trio

Mrs. Anya Andre Steib named choreographer of the year 2012

Masquerade's Parade of Stars 2012 Destin, FL

The Dance Pointe & Company with their many proud supporters - Destin, FL July 1-7, 2012 Masquerade Nationals - 1st place overall Teen Duo/Trio, 2nd place overall Teen Small Group, 3rd place overall Junior Duo/Trio, 5th place overall Teen Solo, 6th place overall Junior Duo/Trio & Petite solo, 7th place overall Petite Solo & Junior Solo, 9th place overall Junior Small Group and Large Group, 10th place overall Petite Solo, 12th place overall Senior Solo, 14th place overall Junior Solo, 15th place overall Teen Solo, Emily Benedict - Senior Dancer of the Year Finalist (4th runner up), Champion Drive for Duo/Trio and Small group divisions, Encore Performance

"Louisiana Stylse" Goes Platinum! Congratulations to the rockin' dancin' parents on your "Platinum" performance!

Applause Talent Competition - April 13, 2012 - Mobile, Alabama
Top Encore Studio, Overall Highest Score of Entire competition, FDC Judges Choice "Unspoken Conversation," 1st overalls: Mini Duo/Trio, Mini Small Group, Jr Solo, Jr Duo/Trio, Jr Small Group, Jr Large Group, Teen Solo, Teen Duo/Trio, Teen Small Group, Senior Solo

Dance Fuzion Scholarship Recipients - Emily Benedict, Hayden Jarreau, Riley Circello

VIP Dance Competition - Baton Rouge- March 24-25, 2012
1st overall Large Group, 1st overall Small Group, Studio Style Award, 6th overall on VIP TOP 10 list with "Invaded," Costume award, Judges Choice Awards

Miss Hayden Jarreau -VIP Scholarship Recipient for Convention and Nationals

Rainbow Dance Connection, March 3, 2012 in Baton Rouge
1st place overall Petite Small group, Petite solo, Petite duo/trio, Teen duo/trio, Junior small group, Teen small group, and Junior large group, most entertaining act, special judges choice awards
Dancer of the Year Finalists- Taylor Bonaventure, Madilyn Cashio, Hayden Jarreau, Madeline Lorio
All Star Kids - Madison Armand, Emily Benedict, Trinity Christopher, Riley Circello, Hayden Jarreau, Abigail LeBlanc

Emily Benedict- Miss Teen Dancer of the Year, Baton Rouge & KAR convention scholarship recipient

Masquerade Dance Competition, Baton Rouge, Feb 24-25, 2012
Top Studio, FDC judges choice, Elite Choreography, 1st place overall petite duo/trio, junior duo/trio, teen duo/trio, petite small group, junior small group, teen small group
Baton Rouge Parade of Stars: Emily Benedict, Taylor Bonaventure, Madilyn Cashio, Riley Circello, Hayden Jarreau, Abigail LeBlanc, Madeline Lorio

Hayden Jarreau: Miss Masquerade 2012 for Baton Rouge

Masquerade Dance Competition, Memphis, February 11-12, 2012
Top Studio, Junior Encore Winner, Best of Show, 1st place overall mini solo, petite small group, junior large group, teen duo/trio and teen small group

Memphis Parade of Stars

Madeline Lorio : Miss Mini Masquerade and Madilyn Cashio: Miss Junior Masquerade

Hollywood Vibe Dance Competition: Janurary 20-22, 2012 Baton Rouge
Battle of the Stars winners, Overall highest score in: Mini Solo, Junior solo, Junior small group, Junior Duo/trio, & Teen Small group, Best Costume, Most Entertaining Award

Scholarship winners for Hollywood Vibe

NTG Dance Competition Jan 6-8 (Baton Rouge)
1st place overall Production, Small Group, Duo/Trio
NTG Spirit Award
NTG Outstanding Choreography Award

NTG Scholarship Winners

Congratulations Emily Benedict - Masquerade FDC Icon!


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