2019-2020 CALENDAR

    Aug. 12Classes Begin (Placement Weeks)
    Sept. 1September tuition due
    Sept. 2 Labor Day (No Classes)
    Sept. 16Recital Fee & Contract due
    Oct. 1October tuition due
    Oct. 28 - 31Halloween Costume Week
    Nov. 1November tuition due
    Nov. 4Costume deposit due (minimum of $65.00 per dancer)
    Nov. 25 - 30 Thanksgiving Holiday (No Classes)
    Dec. 2Classes RESUME/December tuition due
    Dec. 16 - 20Christmas Parties/Parent Visitation
    Dec. 23 - Jan 5Christmas Holiday (No Classes)
    Jan. 6Classes Resume/January tuition due
    Jan. 13 Costume Balance due
    Feb. 1February tuition due
    Feb 24 - 28Mardi Gras Holiday (No Classes)
    Mar 2Classes RESUME/March tuition due
    Mar. 9Dance Revue Ads & Money due
    April 1April tuition due
    April 13 - 16Dance Revue Pictures (Schedule TBA) *THERE WILL BE NO SPRING BREAK!!!
    May 1May tuition due
    May 18 - 21Awards Week/Parent Visitation
    May 22Ticket Day
    May 25 - 28Mandatory Class Week
    May 26Dress Rehearsal (Baton Rouge River Center - Schedule TBA)
    May 29Dance Recital (Baton Rouge River Center - Schedule TBA)

    ***Please note that schedule is subject to change!


3372 La Hwy 78 * Livonia, La * 225-978-7807
MAILING ADDRESS * PO Box 178 * Livonia, LA 70755

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